Gautama when he died along time ago, his death meant the rise of the future Buddha in time. But Guatama has been born in many forms since. He could not accept not having anymore re-births. And he died differently then planned so he could continue to be reborn. Why? Because the people were still under the threat of war. He wanted peace so bad, for all living creatures that he mediated under the rule of death will come in time. When we have found peace for all living creatures. .

I predict the world will know Gautama again around 2013. Under a new name. His birth has already happened. He has been reborn again and again. He can not rest. He can not find peace.

He would like to see many rise above, to think about not only your I but also the II. Please bring peace.

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Oh dear, the Buddha cannot find peace? Then what hope is there for us? Perhaps, Tomas, you are confusing the appearance of the Buddha to human eyes with the ever present mind of the Buddha which sometimes manifests in a material form(say, as a dog) to help us.

May you find peace for yourself, Tomas.

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