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We wish you to comment or write here you words on our new design and coming back here with greater features and possibilities to do when we all work together.

We welcome you ideas, thoughts and willingness to help in any possible ways.


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It is very very good.Ihope it will spread with the wings of peace all over the world.Thank you for making these

Tashi Delek!

The site has definately come a long way. It is more organised and ingrains a feeling of exploration in a visitor.

Thanks keep it up.

Tashi delek,

I like the new design, but the old one was ok., too. The design is easy to follow, which seems to be important for many users. Keep up the good work - and I like the weekly quotations of his holiness a lot !!

Blessings from Choe dreun (alias monka).

I am delighted to see that the site is still up and running nicely and thank the organisers for giving us this opportunity. I was an early subscriber but due to email account problems my old email account had to be deleted. I have now re-joined, still with my name "my photos are with the old "Mark vickers" account.  Does anyone know if it is possible to merge my old account into my new one - it would be nice to have access to my photos from when i lived in Nepal, and I had made a couple of nice contacts too.  The old email account no longer exists however.

Mark (Jun Jieh)

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