Praying is just a superstition. We pray we pray, just wasting time it's can not make any sense for HH.dalailama;


what we can do for HH; We must stop him travalling around the world; Why?

you imagine yourself,when you travel 12h in the airoplan,how tired are you?

now is time to HH stay in draramshala;it's not nessery to travale in  the world to give a teeching;if people who HH's teehing they have buy thier triket come to Daramshala follow teeching freely; not only teeching of HH.You have choise,


HH said that when Tibet become free,I will stay like a handicupe wild,

i think this action don't need to wait become Tibet independence;

he have to act now;

Penpa dhondup

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