I am just getting to read this site more thoroughly though I joined it some time ago. I wonder if anyone might be interested in continuing this topic of how, through our daily practice, we can express our gratitude to His Holiness? For it is certainly a practice to remember that every one we meet is the Dalai Lama. I believe that ongoing contemplation of the practice of remembering that everyone we meet is The Dalai Lama would be of great, great benefit to His Holiness and the world. Especially of benefit would be to examine our difficulties or obstacles to this practice with sincerity and the support of our online sangha seems to me like very powerful and skillful action. It feels like His Holiness would be able to work miracles directly to anyone doing or receiving this practice, this sacred gesture of deep appreciation and gratitude. For our loving parent, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, to see his children becoming true Bodhisattvas! There is no greater way to return his kindness!.

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For millions of people all over the world the Buddha and their own buddhanature is closest to them in the person of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He is a constant living reminder of not only what the practice of a Buddhist is all about but also the practices of any spiritual or religious person. I have also heard that one of His Holiness' favourite practices is Tonglen or exchanging the suffering of others for one's own happiness - long live the Dalai Lama - om mani peme hung!
Adding to the discussion, I would say that HHDL 14 would feel immensely comforted to see his culture well supported and alive in exile to the recognition of numerous non-Tibetans like ourselves who can truly give to the cause of his people. Place your trust into supporting your local Tibetan community members and their associations and see where your life skills and professional abilities can be used in positive and profitable ways. Donate to the cause, promote Tibetans and their concerns, and fly the Flag of Tibet to show your admiration and respect to one of the world's most essential cultures. Like all things, patience is required to build strong bonds. Sensitivity and compassion are of utpmost importance. The past 50 years historically for Tibet and Tibetans has been pure hell.There are people in Tibetan local communities who have had traumatic evnts in their life and have had to adapt in living exile which is not easy. There are members who have been raised in exile and kept their heart felt beliefs and culture going because they love being Tibetan! Praise and bless these people! Tibetans in Tibet and Tibetan Diaspora are exemplars of the great human spirit during extremely difficult times in Tibetan history. Learning and understanding these subtle and not-so subtle social cues and interactions are essential. Through my expanding experiences with my local Tibetan community, I have put into motion a number of actions to improve character as described by HHDL, and the spiritual benefits are incredible! By doing what his HHDL 14 has suggested would met his approval!
HHDL 14 and his blessings will then shine upon you.

I believe the best way to honor His Holiness is to make every effort to lead a compassionate life. I find it hard to practice this even though I know that ultimately such effort will benefit myself as well. So, don't count on miracles but accumulate merits by yourself. His Holiness is our guide to Enlightenment but we have to make the journey ourselves.

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