Sometimes i really do get confuse with our people. I think we are not doing that much for our country. People are quite unpredictable.. Somtimes they act like they can sacrifice anything and everything for their country and for doing that, They need a speicific dates. take an example of 10th march..people will protest,cry,raise a flag and so on,and then what??? 1kg alu, 2 kilo chicken.. gosh.. I dont think this will work. seeing what his holiness is doing for our country, i think we still have some hope..but when i look at our people..specailly youngtsers, I think its quite impossible, if not impossible, it will surely take so long time to go u think we can go back?????

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It is really a question of Buddhism, of the Dharma. This is really what is important. This is really what is Tibet - not just to us non-Tibetans but to Tibetans too. If you will not go back to Tibet soon, complete the perfection of patience. If you want to do something practice the perfection of energy - but energy at being generous to the Chinese - yes the Chinese, to develop real compassion - the compassion of the Dalai Lama, who is always joyful and does not moan or give up hope but is the living inspiration for our own practice - our living Buddha.
I guess the most fast way is with Chinese democracy, many Chinese fighting against communist suppression, June the fourth this year is the 20th : anniversary of the Tienanmen massacre which is officially forbidden, but there is a large movement. Everybody should speak out in favour of Chinese democracy. A Democratic China will bring a Free Tibet! Look at the internet, there are many Chinese voices wanting to speak about this.

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We can go back if our population is around 50 million. But is is not impossible within 10 years if every one of the 6 million Tibetan people take the responsibility of producing at least 10 children. Don't worry about quality of population. See the population of China and Muslim countries. They suffer but their country is in their own hands.
hi.. wose la, i really appreciate the way you think about our youngsters, but i just wanted to tell you that all the young tibetan are not same as you feel.,, there are new generation who always think and talk about tibet where ever they go n even met a new person.. so, there is nothing to worry as you know, when you count majority no of people are having fun and doing nothng except coming on road Once in a year for a protest., Ie., on 3rd march. so, the best thing which we can do is let those people understand our situation and let them feel for tibet... since, we r third generation and never seen Tibet and our people. so we tend to forget those suffering that our elders had... so, dont get dishearten by seeing some people doing nonsence main important thing is wt you can do!!! so, lets get together and make difference!
tibet's forever lobsang tsering.
when the Tibetans frimly united in any situation.
I agree with Peter, it will only happen once the Communist regime is over. I would also not despair if the Dalai Lama never returns to Lhasa. Tibetan Buddhism has survived and grown, and that is what is important.

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