Could anyone factually tell me please, is the story which has been circulated on the internet that His Holiness declined a vegetarian meal at a formal dinner in France held for Nobel Peace Prize Winners, and instead chose to eat veal amongst other meat correct?

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Please understand that I have not posted this to cause trouble, but there has been so much about this circulating on-line recently that if it is untrue then I would like to be able to reply to those who are posting this information so strongly.  But I need factual information as they are posting factual quotations.

This article on the official site of His Holiness on his daily routine includes the fact that while in Dharamsala His Holiness keeps a vegetarian diet, he does not necessarily keep it on visits outside of Dharamsala.

We may think we are not killing animals by being vegetarian whereas in fact many small insects die to provide us with our vegetarian meal. We can say however we are saving lives of larger animals whilst being vegetarian and therefore vegetarianism goes hand in hand with compassion. However I became vegetarian to satisfy my own growing needs to be compassionate and to try to include all sentient beings within my field of compassion. I am sure His Holiness has developed his own practice for generating not only compassion but great compassion or bodhicitta and I would not like to question him with regards to him eating meat from time to time. 

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