Dear all,

I hope that you all enjoyed the special day yesterday.

I live in Kathmandu and am planning my summer break. Initially I was thinking of planning a trip to Bodh Gaya and then on to one or more of the north Indian hill-stations, perhaps Simla, and possibly on to Dharamsala. But of course July will be very hot and right in the middle of the monsoon. Then I thought of Bhutan, but I am advised that it is very expensive and one can only visit there ina quite restricted fashion. Finally yesterday I questioned myself whether I was right to rule out Tibet. I have always said that i will only go to Tibet when i can carry a picture of His Holiness, but part of me dearly wants to visit to see for myself. I spoke to a Tibetan Lama (thangka painter) here today and he said "why not?".
I wish I knew what His Holiness would advise. Anyone any comments?
Yours in the Dharma,

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Like the Tibetan Lama, His Holiness would have the same advice but with a caveat that you find the real situation in Tibet and share your experience with others. This is one way in which foreigners can help Tibet and combat the Chinese government's propaganda.

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