wt do you remeber most when you were in T.C.V?

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wt i remember most wen i was in upper???? of course ma home 13 where i have spend 11 years with choela. i still miss it so much and staying in home 13 with all the craziest bunch and naughtiest guys in TCV is alot more fun. home 13 was considered as the worst home in TCV back then but nobody knows how much we enjoy and love staying under that roof loving each other and staying like brothers and sisters under choela and thankfully we didnt had a home father!!. i still miss those very beautiful, funny, crazy and lovely moments there.. miss u home 13 guys and i really wish to see all of u soon and esp gelek, ten nima, kama tsewang and i wonder how u guys are doin?/
thank you lobtsering for starting this discussion!!!
i remember and miss those moment, which will never come again.. when i was in KG standard i miss those moment... going for CHAM CHAM.. and we used to sing.." 3 A cham cham re re...",, to dal lake..hand with hand.. ghen sangyal khando la.. i will never forget.. she is the one who has taught me alphabet ... those hide N seek in class room.. those spring feet.. those tingmo for which i used to wait outside the kitchen with my friend.. its hot and tasty.. and USA oats.. and when i reach higher standard... just had great time,, like teasing,,
but now..
its hip hop...in TCV..
thts all.. i feel great and happy for sharing those moment with u all TCV"s//// other before self...


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