The recent visitation of The Dalai Lama to offer prayers has cast him the brightest light spiritually and politically. Being so close to the Mainland of China and doing what he does best just shows the world of his incredible popularity internationally. Albeit a truly spiritual event, it was good exposure to
the world of why we as human beings need the institution of the Dalai Lama to do the sometimes not so easy tasks of healing crushed souls and gathering those onto a higher rebirth.
I am hoping that the Taiwan visit will eventually lead to more compassionate prayers to mankind within the region and globally. We need the Dalai Lama in Indonesia right now!
How could you get mad at the Guy? What motivation would make you think that he is doing something wrong by being present? This is where Beijing has been effectively muzzeled.
Beijing has trouble already with it's image as a harbinger of extreme control and paranoia,
By not freaking like they usually do, are they are coming to realize that they have to start seriously considering changing their tactics on how they deal with Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Cause, or are the ever dim-witted mastiff growling but not barking at the end of his chain?
The Best Tactic is of dialogue and genuine understanding. A gift that his Holiness possesses.
What is Beijing waiting for?

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