LLHHDL supported Haiti People with $1,012

LLHHDL supports Haiti People with $1,012
August 1, 2010 | Jangchup Lingpa

The Long Live His Holiness the Dalai Lama group initiate an online cause to generate donations to the much needed people of Haiti where mass destructions to live and live stocks are being witnessed on january 12, 2010. The LLHHDL social website and group in facebook.com started events to mobilized global prayers and condolences through its worldwide members.

The LLHHDL team are happy to inform their members that our prayers and condolences have surely helped and made a good merits in recovery and improvements to the people of Haiti.

The LLHHDL team also thank each one of our members and friends who donated towards this much needed cause and made a total sum of $ 1,012 donations to the victims of the Haiti earthquake. All the donations are being directed to this cause through Oxfam America, a global organization working towards global cause and issues.

Once again thank you all for such a cooperation and support that gives us a true feeling that we are walking on the path of a great teaching which remind us of GIVING and HELPING to people in need.

Below is the photo copy of the page on which our support is being displayed.

Click HERE to visit.

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